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Celebrate Environment Month

Asociación Ambiente Sur celebrates the Month of the Environment with proposals for all audiences that include guided visits to the Interpretation Center "Estuary of Rio Gallegos" (CIERG), environmental theater, participation in the 24th Provincial Book Fair and start-up of an energy efficient office.

On June 5 of each year, World Environment Day is celebrated, an opportunity in which actions are organized around the world to raise awareness among the population about different environmental issues. In this framework, the Asociación Ambiente Sur develops the celebration of the "Month of the Environment", with free activities.

From Friday 15, the NGO will be participating along with the Municipal Environmental Agency with an information stand on the System of Urban Natural Reserves (SRNU) of Río Gallegos, the Hooded Grebe and friendly behaviors with the environment, in the 24th Provincial Book Fair. Ambiente Sur will also give a talk on the conservation situation and characteristics of the Hooded grebe on Thursday 21 at 11.00 and two performances of the environmental play for children "Odyssey for Surviving" on Saturday, June 16 at 4 pm and Wednesday June 20 at 5:00 pm, in the Luis Villareal Auditorium of the Santa Cruz Cultural Complex.

During this month, guided tours will be held at the C.I.E.R.G. for schools, which must schedule a visit beforehand, with the possibility of arrange on topics or specific content that they are interested in developing, such as the Rio Gallegos estuary, hooded grebe, protected areas, garbage, migratory shorebirds in general or other species in particular. The C.I.E.R.G. It will be closed only during the development of the Provincial Book Fair.

Likewise, on the occasion of this celebration,

Asociación Ambiente Sur will put into operation an energy-efficient office in the Interpretation Center, as part of the Sustainability and Inclusion Project that it implements, financed by the German Embassy and local organizations. For the construction of this office, citizens have provided recyclable materials such as glass bottles and tetrabrick containers. It has equipment for the generation of renewable energies and effluent treatment. The objective is, in addition to causing the least impact on the environment and making efficient use of energy, to incorporate it into the interpretative routes that are carried out in the C.I.E.R.G. to raise awareness about these issues.

The Sustainability and Inclusion Project also works with people with disabilities so that they can become Environmental Promoters, through training and the application of the lessons learned, through a pilot plan in a peripheral neighborhood of the city, promoting in this way a improvement in their quality of life, including them in the topics of environmental education and generating for them comparable opportunities and full participation in the community.

Environmental theater in schools and in the outback

"Odyssey for survival" is the fourth environmental theater production produced by Ambiente Sur, with free entry and aimed at children of the initial and primary levels. The Direction is in charge of Silvina Vilanova, with dramatic script, performance, costumes, music, scenography and lighting entirely local.

The work focuses on the critical conservation situation of the red cauquén, a species in danger of extinction, and other shorebirds, raising awareness among children and their families.

In the Month of the celebration of World Environment Day, the theatrical cast was moved to Gobernador Gregores, where they offered last Friday two functions in the Kindergarten No. 1 of the town, for children of initial and primary level, with a full room, with the attendance of more than 200 spectators.

It is the first time that the NGO brings environmental theater to the town, for which it received the support of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and the Municipal Directorate of Tourism. Ambiente Sur carries out this initiative in the framework of the Project entitled "Conservation of Two Focal Species of Migratory Shorebirds in Southern Patagonia, Argentina: Connecting Communities through Urban Nature Reserves, Environmental Education and Citizen Participation", Phase II, financed by the Service of Fishing and Wildlife of the USA, through the application of the Law of Conservation of Neotropical Migratory Birds of that country.

From the Association, the enthusiastic and warm reception of the audience was noted, especially the children who, at the end of the performances, were photographed with the characters of the work.

Likewise, during this month there will be theatrical interventions in the schools of Rio Gallegos, for which they will have to schedule visits in the Interpretation Center. In these interventions the characters Pajaróloga (ornithologist) and Limo (the sea scholarship) sensitize students with humor regarding the care of the local environment.

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